What Is It Like To Experience A 7 Day Alcohol Detox In Person?

photo of alcohol addiction treatment

Addiction can be overcome just like any other challenge. Addiction to alcohol is a chronic disease that if left unattended to, can cause massive life threatening results. But the ease of being able to overcome alcohol addiction will depend on factors such as the willingness of the individual to be free of it and their preferences in the treatment process. This treatment is important for those who want to start living a healthy life free from the drink. It is possible to overcome addiction in a week. A seven-day alcohol recovery program is suitable for the addicts who fall between the severe and the mild addiction category. The following steps need to be taken into account.

Day One – Accepting That You Are Addicted

The first step towards any sort of healing is always acceptance. Acknowledging that you have the addiction means that you are willing to give it up. At times, its results are what can make you realize that you indeed have an addiction. Some of the devastating results of the addiction may include health, legal and even financial troubles.

Day Two – Making Considerations

After accepting, now it is time for action. Here is where as an addict, you get curious to know more about the addiction, its impact on both personal and family and friends’ lives. Considering the effects the addiction has had, an addict is now at a point of getting more insight and important information of going about the treatment.

Day Three – Knowing About Recovery

This is the stage that has been termed as the ‘beginning of recovery’. Here addicts get information of the recovery process and the many benefits of leading a drinking-free life. Consultations start taking the toll here from professionals and even from those who have gone through this path and come out successful. Here is where also some initial assessments can be done. The assessment includes environment, health (both body and mental) et cetera.

Day Four – Abstinence

This is the process of abstaining from drinking so as to get rid of toxic substances in the body. The whole process depends on the body’s filtering system (liver and kidneys) to restore the body to its natural composition. The removal period will vary according to one’s health but it has severe side effects such as nausea, sweating. Medical cleansing can also be employed to reduce discomfort.

Day Five – Counseling

Counseling requires the service of a professional psychiatrist. Here behaviors are monitored and also motivation is given to help an addict stick to the alcohol-free life plan.

Day Six – Coming Up With Nutritional Plans

After the abstinence stage, malnutrition may be experienced. If this is noticed, then nutritionists will design a diet for the addict that will help him regain the perfect health.

Day Seven – Maintenance Of The Active Recovery

Getting through the six days without backsliding shows just how dedicated the addict is. Monitoring is still critical at this time to remind them of just how hard they have worked. A support system is set up to be at their call in case of temptations to lead them back to addiction.

Living through all the stages of the treatment is no walk in the park, one may backslide. In a case of backsliding, then do not give up start again from day one. Note that the above single week plan is not continuous but rather treated as steps one after the other.