The Perfect Guide To Quitting Alcohol Completely

quit alcohol completely

Are you looking forward to quitting drinking alcohol completely? It may feel like an uphill task. It is certainly not. It is possible to quit drinking effectively.

You may need to talk to your doctor, counselor or an expert who will guide you on this step by step. However, it is important to know that it is a gradual process which will require your patience, willingness, and commitment.

In this article, you will learn the steps, withdrawal symptoms and benefits of quitting drinking alcohol effectively. Some people may be in a position to quit drinking on their own while others will need supervision by a medical doctor or an expert depending on the level of their addiction.

Steps to quitting alcoholism

The following are steps you can use to quit drinking alcohol effectively:

1. Identify the problem

This is the first step in which you admit that you have a problem in drinking alcohol which you need to eliminate. You may need to list down and weigh the pros and cons of drinking alcohol.

2. Reasons for quitting

It is important to know why you need to stop drinking alcohol. These reasons include:

  • You risk getting alcoholic-diseases in your vital organs such as liver and kidney.
  • For a pregnant woman, it is a risk to your unborn baby.
  • You may lose your job due to lateness and for being less productive.
  • Family problems with your parents, siblings, partner/spouse and or children
  • Legal problems due to misuse of alcohol
  • You risk suspension from school or college
  • There is a risk of getting stressed, depressed and having low self-esteem.

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3. Set a date

This involves setting a particular day or date that you will start practicing to quit drinking. It can be on special days e.g. your birthday, New Year’s Day, your wedding anniversary, the day you met your partner and so on.

Furthermore, having this day will encourage you to honor your commitment since it is a special day in your life. It could also mean the start of the month, mid-month or end-month.

This is a way of ensuring the goal you are setting is time-based for purposes of evaluation.

4. Know your weakness

This refers to situations or events that lead you to drink alcohol. This could be your friends/buddies or workmates whom you socialize with.

Consequently, it will require courage to minimize your time with them, even if it means creating new friends. Do you also have some idle time whereby that is when you have a drink?

You may utilize that time in a more productive way such as; attending church for prayers, staying with your kids at home as they do their homework or spending some good time with your family, trimming your fence, involving yourself in charitable activities e.g. visiting the less fortunate in the society, attending part-time classes or doing part-time jobs and so on.

This will help you to avoid being drawn into temptations of drinking alcohol. If you purchase drinks and put them in your house or office, minimize the number gradually and replace them with other soft drinks instead.

Is it a lot of money you have set aside for luxury? Try using that money by helping the less fortunate in the society and you will find that you have no money to spend in buying alcohol.

5. Set your goal Set your goal of stopping drinking.

Let your family members, friends and workmates know that you want to stop drinking. You may need to request them not to drink in your presence so that you do not fall into temptations.

There is also need to request them to join you in other new engagements that you want to dedicate your time in.

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6. Evaluate yourself

Since quitting alcohol is a gradual process, it is important to evaluate yourself after a certain period and see the progress you are making towards achieving intended results.

This can be after a week, month or few months. Look at the benefits you have so far achieved. It will thus encourage you to keep up the spirit or give you a warning that you are not on the right track. In this instance, remind yourself the reasons that made you start this journey of recovery.

If you have a relapse, start all over again and ensure you maintain to your set goal. Don’t let one drink return you back to where you started. Talk to your doctor or counselor as soon as possible.

7. Learn from your past

Someone has always said experience is the best teacher. You have now been through this before. It is important to learn from your past mistakes in trying to quit drinking. Avoid the things that didn’t work out before and try new ones.

Avoid indulging with the bad company who will drive you back into drinking. Alcoholic withdrawal symptoms are changes which occur in a person who was a regular or heavy drinker and has now reduced or stopped consuming some amount of alcohol intake in his or her body.

These symptoms are experienced immediately or within hours. They vary from minor to severe. They include:

  • Psychological withdrawal symptoms such as; poor concentration, difficulty in sleeping, irritability, bad dreams, feeling tired and shaky.
  • Physical withdrawal symptoms include; dizziness, headache, vomiting, sweating, hands trembling, nausea, lack of appetite, lack of sleep, fever, convulsion, confusion, and hallucinations.

As mentioned earlier; it is of great importance to notify your family, friends, counselor and/or a medical doctor that you are quitting drinking so that in case you have any of the above withdrawal symptoms, you are able to get assistance as soon as possible.

There are some withdrawal symptoms which will require medication while others need counseling by an expert in this field. These counselors will advise you if there is a need for more care at a rehabilitation center or not.

Benefits of quitting alcohol drinking

Some of these benefits are:

  • Feeling good at yourself hence enhancing your self-esteem.
  • You will find yourself having better sleep.
  • You will be at a low risk of getting alcoholic-related diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, low blood pressure among others.
  • Your relationships at work, home and school will improve day-by-day.
  • You will have more energy and time for the people who matter most to you
  • For a pregnant woman, there will be high chances of getting a healthier and alive baby.


You are now equipped with the knowledge on how to quitting drinking alcohol effectively, try it and see how it will make an impact in your life. Wish you a wonderful recovery moment.

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